Before return your item
Make sure the products are in the same condition as you received them, with any identification labels and seals (for more information see "Return Conditions").
Prepare the package for return within 7 working days after delivery of the order. %marchio% reserves the right to refuse returns communicated or returned late, or for products that are not in the same condition as you received them.

You are not satisfied with your purchase?
%marchio% wants to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with your order, you can return one or more items and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned items.
You can not change the purchased items with other products.
Before you send your return to our warehouse check that the return conditions have been respected.
%marchio% will refund the price of the returned product, excluding shipping and return costs.
%marchio% will not accept returns that do not meet all the requirements: in this case, items will be returned to your own address.

Return conditions
All available products from our %marchio% will be shipped with the original box.
Please try the product without throwing the original package away, because we will not accept returned items which are not in the same condition as you received them.
The return must be delivered to the carrier (contact by us) within 7 working days from the date you received the order.
The returned products made by the same order must be sent back in just one shipment: %marchio% will not accept returns of the same order delivered at different times.
If any of these conditions is not fulfilled, %marchio% can not accept your return and the items will be returned at your expense.

Returns cost:

Austria€ 10.00
Belgium€ 10.00
Bulgaria€ 20.00
Croatia€ 10.00
Czech Republic€ 16.00
Denmark€ 15.00
Estonia€ 20.00
Finland€ 20.00
France€ 15.00
Germany€ 10.00
Greece (and Cyprus)€ 25.00
Hungary€ 20.00
Ireland€ 20.00
Italy€ 4.95
Latvia€ 20.00
Lithuania€ 20.00
Luxembourg€ 10.00
Netherlands€ 10.00
Poland€ 20.00
Portugal€ 20.00
Romania€ 16.00
Slovakia€ 16.00
Slovenia€ 20.00
Spain (and Baleari)€ 15.00
Sweden€ 15.00
Switzerland€ 15.00
United Kingdom€ 15.00
France - Corse€ 35.00

Send your return to %marchio%
The shipping of return is entrusted to the courier UPS and its affiliates.
the carrier is contacted by %marchio% as soon as you have filled out the return form.
We want to remind you that the return charges, specified above, will be deduced from the redemption of items to be returned.
Remember that you can only send your return from the country in which you have placed your order.
After filling out the Return Form online, print it and put it inside the box.

Timing of reimbursement
Once our warehouse receives your return items and checked that all requirements have been met, you will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of return.
This process takes up to 7 working days after delivery of your package in our stock.

Reimbursement to credit card or debit card:
the necessary time to see the refund depends on the institution that issued the card.

Reimbursement will be visible within 48 hours. The actual repayment to the credit card associated with your PayPal account depends on the institution that issued the card.

Reimbursement with Bank Transfer:
3 working days.